Water Based(Paint) 5m

The new MTN 5m Water Based paint markers are an exceptional addition to the water based line. Giving even more control and flexibility with our products, these smooth, high quality markers are quickly becoming a favorite on the market.

Its medium 5mm size allows this MTN water based paint marker to be an ideal medium line / fill in graffiti marker or fine art paint marker with a high coverage paint that works well for fine detail work. Similar to a Molotow one4all this 5mm paint marker is perfect on canvas or any graffiti art project.


Product Description

  • 3 mm
  • Round Tip
  • Highly Opaque
  • Smooth Flow
  • Matte finish
  • 18 colors
Cadmium Yellow Medium /Light Yellow
Azo Orange Light/ Tangerine
Azo Orange /Orange
Naphthol Red/Light Red
Quinacridone Rose /Love Pink
Quinacridone Magenta /Magenta
Blue Violet Light /Witch Violet
Dioxazine Purple /Ultraviolet
Phthalo Blue Light /Arctic Blue
Prussian Blue /Electric Blue
Turquoise Green /Paris Green
Brilliant Yellow Green /Mojito Green
Brilliant Light Green /Guacamole G.
Naples Yellow /Safari Brown
Raw Sienna /Kruger Brown
Neutral Grey /Gris Perla
Titanium White /White
Carbon Black /Black