Water Based 100ml

Size does matter. A great example is the new Water Based 100 ml can – a range of 18 colors that stand out for their small size and facilitate use by less experienced hands. They have a great ergonomic design thanks to their small dimensions and provide all the same advantages as the rest of the Water Based family of products: NON-TOXIC paint, maximum intensity colors made with high quality pigments, low odor, mixable colors, high coverage, and a fast dry time.

The Water Based 100 range that also comes in pack formats, are the perfect tool for craft workshops and school activities. The can size and quantity of high covering paint make it a perfect t for doing group activities.


Product Description

  • 100 ml.
  • Matte finish
  • Low pressure
  • 16 colors
RV 1021 / Cadmium Yellow Medium RV 34 / Brilliant Light Green
RV 2004 / Azo Orange RV 6018 / Brilliant Green
RV 3020 / Naphthol Red RV 135 / Naples Yellow
RV 211 / Quinacridone Rose RV 265 / Raw Sienna
RV 4010 / Quinacridone Magenta RV 7040 / Neutral Grey
RV 225 / Blue Violet R 9010 / Titanium White
RV 29 / Phthalo Blue Light R 9011 / Carbon Black
RV 30 / Prussian Blue / Silver
RV 219 / Turquoise Green / Gold