MTN Specialty 400ml

It is essential to have access to key complementary products in order to attain professional finishes.

For that reason, the 94 Specialty Products range includes different types of specialty finish paints, specialty products like, spectrals, fluorescents and photoluminescents, acrylic and synthetic varnishes, various types of primers and adhesives, and removable chalk paint.

Each one of these products have their own unique characteristics and provide unlimited possibilities: from the highlights and shadows that can be achieved with the spectral range, to the protective coatings achieved with varnishes, to the spectacular, vividness of the fluorescent colors, and on to the primers for priming the more complicated surfaces: plastics, rusted metals, or non-porous surfaces.

Very specialized products that are adaptable for each situation where they are required.

Essential aerosol complements, adequate for expert hands and the most demanding of applications.


Product Description